Allie Bahn

Project Manager

Through its groundbreaking research and changes to the ways we think about what causes food allergies, FASI has already done so much to lead to the way to finding a cure. It’s a privilege for me to help the organization further its mission to eliminate the dangers of food allergies for everyone.

Allie Bahn is Project Manager for the Food Allergy Science Initiative (FASI). She has worked with the organization since January 2022, helping to organize the annual FASI Symposium, FASI Retreat and working on development while also building the organization’s social media presence.

Allie knows the challenges of living with life-threatening allergies to numerous foods (including peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, potato and more). Regardless, she travels extensively and lived abroad for years. Allie has her Master’s in Education and taught for over a decade. She has also been greatly involved in the food allergy community, as a blogger at, as well as speaking at conferences, sharing her experiences, advice and travel tips with readers around the world. She is also a freelance journalist and frequent contributor to allergy-related publications like Allergic Living magazine and a trusted source for other journalists writing about allergy-related topics.