A cure for food allergies cannot wait.

There is a cure for food allergies. But the only way to find it is to ask the big, bold questions, collaborate across scientific fields and break down barriers that exist in research and academia.

This is FASI. This is the future of medicine.

The Challenge

Food allergies are a worldwide public health threat with no signs of slowing down.

As many as 520 million people are affected by food allergies worldwide. In the US alone, a food-allergic reaction sends an adult or child to the ER every three minutes. In the medical community, there is a fundamental lack of understanding of how these allergies develop and why they are increasing. The economic impact is over $4.3 billion. There is no known cure – with only limited treatments, EpiPens, or complete allergen avoidance altogether.

32m Americans are living with life-threatening food allergies.

603% Increase in anaphylactic reactions associated with tree nuts and seeds.

1 in13 Children are living with life-threatening food allergies.

40% Of children with food allergies have multiple food allergies.

The Solution

Comprehensive, cross-discipline research is the key to developing a cure.

FASI is a discovery engine. We focus on data and hypothesis-driven research to accelerate breakthroughs that will transform the lives of people with allergies. Our team consists of some of the greatest scientific minds coordinated across diverse fields from immunology and neuroscience to computational biology and engineering. Together, we look for the gaps in scientific knowledge to get closer and closer to a cure.

FASI is a paradigm shift in how food allergies are understood and addressed.

FASI is the only global entity advancing a collective of academia, industry partners, philanthropists and parents dedicated to food allergy discoveries.


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Scientific Updates

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How you can help

We’ve built a one-of-a-kind scientific network with talent and resources from The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Yale, Rockefeller University, and The Icahn School of Medicine. And we are only just beginning.

100% of your philanthropic donation directly supports our groundbreaking research and allows this unprecedented level of collaboration to continue. Every single dollar counts.

Let’s eliminate the fear and danger to children and adults who suffer from allergies. Let’s be bold together.

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