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Andrew Wang, M.D., Ph.D., A.B.

Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine – Yale University School of Medicine


  • Post-doctoral training
    Yale University School of Medicine (Medzhitov lab)
  • M.D./Ph.D.
    University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
  • A.B. in Biochemistry
    Harvard University


  • Yale University School of Medicine

Identifying the mechanisms by which modern xenobiotics act as allergic adjuvants

Andrew Wang is an assistant professor in the Departments of Internal Medicine and Immunobiology at Yale School of Medicine. His lab is interested in understanding how the environment impacts inflammatory disease expression to discover pathways that can be therapeutically targeted to treat diseases ranging from sepsis, allergy and autoimmunity to psychiatric diseases like depression. They use mouse models, cell culture, and human samples and apply techniques spanning the disciplines of metabolism, immunobiology, and behavioral biology.

Andrew Wang’s laboratories research with FASI focuses on understanding how xenobiotics act as allergenic adjuvants. His laboratory hypothesizes that modern xenobiotics may be acting as adjuvants sufficient for allergic sensitization. The specific aims of this research include identifying the mechanism by which xenobiotics act as allergic adjuvants and performing a retrospective single-center case-control study in children.

Featured Publications
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Wang A, Huen SC, Luan HH, Yu S, Zhang C, Gallezot JD, Booth CJ, Medzhitov R. Opposing Effects of Fasting Metabolism on Tissue Tolerance in Bacterial and Viral Inflammation. Cell. 2016 Sep 8;166(6):1512-1525. PMID: 27610573