Dr. Carlos Bosques

Dr. Carlos Bosques


With over 32 million people living with food allergies in the United States alone and only one FDA approved drug, we must innovate to find a solution to this problem. Decoding the cellular and molecular communications between the immune and nervous systems is paramount to effectively intervene with the pathophysiological pathways at the core of food allergies. FASI investigators are paving the way to develop a new and unique level of understanding of these mechanisms. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with this innovative and passionate team in decoding these complex systems and, more importantly, to embark on the translation of these groundbreaking discoveries into alternatives to more effectively diagnose and treat food allergies. Working with the best scientists in our own unconventional approach, I believe we are uniquely positioned to create new alternatives to improve the quality of life for millions of people living with food allergies across the world.

Dr. Carlos Bosques is Chief Executive Officer of the Food Allergy Science Initiative (FASI).

An innovative and results-driven leader, Dr. Bosques has dedicated more than 18 years to the development of biomedical technology platforms and novel therapeutics. As a passionate drug developer, he is proficient in identifying therapeutic opportunities and developing them from discovery to the clinical stage.

Dr. Bosques joined FASI in 2022 as Senior Vice President of Research and quickly became an integral part of the organization’s leadership structure. Dr. Bosques has been responsible for leveraging the interface of Immunology, Neuroscience, Gastroenterology, and Microbiology to discover and develop therapeutic alternatives for treating food allergies. While serving as FASI’s SVP of Research, Dr. Bosques developed a Strategic Research Plan that continues to build foundational science and advances a deeper understanding of the biology of food allergies while launching translational and drug discovery activities with FASI’s scientific network.

Prior to FASI, Carlos held different leadership positions in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. For example, Carlos played a leading role in developing the biotherapeutic infrastructure and drug pipeline at Momenta Pharmaceuticals (now Johnson & Johnson). Heading Drug Discovery and Translational Research Departments, Dr. Bosques was responsible for leading the discovery and early development of novel immuno-therapeutics for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Carlos has also participated in the development of novel peptide libraries for the treatment of neuro-ophthalmological and epithelial conditions. Dr. Bosques has also led research organizations across other industries, including medical devices and consumer goods. Dr. Bosques earned his Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry from MIT.