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Stephen D. Liberles, Ph.D.

Professor of Cell Biology – Harvard Medical School


  • Post-doctoral training
    Harvard Medical School and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Buck lab)
  • Ph.D. in. Chemistry & Chemical Biology
    Harvard University


  • Harvard University Medical School
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Investigating the role of enteric neurons and the gut-brain axis in allergic disease

Stephen Liberles is a professor in the cell biology department at Harvard Medical School and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator. His research focuses on the molecular neuroscience of sensory systems, including olfaction, pheromone-sensing, taste, and internal organ senses of the vagus nerve. His work has significantly advanced the understanding of vagus nerve cell types that control autonomic physiology, identified non-classical families of olfactory receptors, and revealed molecular mechanisms underlying sensation within internal organs.

The goal of Stephen Liberles’s research is to understand allergen-sensing pathways in the gut by investigating the role of enteric neurons and the gut-brain axis in allergic disease. The aims of this research are to develop a genetic toolbox for study of enteroendocrine cells and control enteroendocrine cells through chemical genetics.

Featured Publications:
Zhang C, Kaye JA, Cai Z, Wang Y, Prescott SL, Liberles SD. Area Postrema Cell Types that Mediate Nausea-Associated Behaviors. Neuron. 2021 Feb 3;109(3):461-472.e5. PMID: 33278342

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Williams EK, Chang RB, Strochlic DE, Umans BD, Lowell BB, and Liberles SD, “Sensory neurons that detect stretch and nutrients in the digestive system”, (2016) Cell, 166: 209-221 PMID: 27238020

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